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"The Power"

Like many in my age group I watched "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe". While it frankly wasn't my favorite cartoon I really loved it when he held the sword up to the sky and it was energized while he yelled "I have the power" and he definitely knew how to wield that power and that sword.

Hobbyists may not have the sword but we definitely have the power. While that may be the case, we rarely wield that weapon. As great as the hobby is, it's not without its warts and hobbyists are a demanding lot, but much of those demands really are not diva-esque. We want grading companies to grade fairly, not get fooled and get our cards back to us as quickly as possible. We want distributors to not price gouge and be deceitful doing so. We want card manufacturers to up customer service, avoid delays in releases and get our redemptions redeemed promptly. We want our breakers to be above board, keep everything on camera and send us what is rightly ours. Unfortunately as we all can attest to that does not always occur.

Social media becomes an information center and a sounding board. A groundswell usually occurs on the most severe infractions. We demand change, we demand repercussions, we demand accountability. It goes viral but then what?? It goes away and the hobby seems to have some of the shortest memories around. We want accountability but it doesn't seem like we hold company's feet to the fire. Why is that? I don't think there's one answer to that question but rather a host of answers.

Some people don't care, if it doesn't affect them directly they probably could care less. Some may be more forgiving than others, some think someone else will take care of it. Some don't know, While the hobby is big as it is and social media is as well, I think only around 20% of the hobby is actually active hobby-wise online. Frankly the hobby is so big now with so many new entrants, that even with 20% knowing of egregious actions by a company or person, they can withstand and survive the indiscretion after some initial heat.

Years ago during the condensed hobby days it would be tougher for a company to get past their failures, now a "sorry won't happen again" or a complete ignorance from a company seems to quell the issue and allow the opportunity for future failures and improprieties.

The real question remains will the hobby ever wield their hobby sword of power?


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