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The Stories and Connections the Hobby Creates Chapter 1: Jay Moslehi

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

The hobby of sports card collecting, creates such sensational stories that are uniquely our own. Everyone comes into the hobby a different way, and has different experiences. We all collect different things. We all connect with different people. I want to showcase that.

Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to follow a chain of stories. Each person gets to share pieces of their collecting journey, while also shedding light on an individual they want to give flowers to. Initially, I was hoping it would lead in a circle, and come back to the same person I started with, but ultimately the unpredictability of where this story goes is fascinating. I hope you follow along and see just how big this community is and the impact it has.

Chapter 1: Jay Moslehi “Mojo Sports”

Jay Moslehi, better known as Mojo Sports, has built a community through his Youtube channel, amassing 44k subscribers. Moslehi captures content that shares his individual collecting stories while also giving a platform for others to share theirs. Recently, this summer Moslehi hit the road capturing content all over the country on a “Road to the National”. Moslehi showcased different collectors, collections, and card shops along his road trip, and allowed for the stories to tell themselves.

How’d you get into the hobby, and what was your introduction like?

“I got into the hobby around 2010, with my introduction to the hobby being autographs. Then, 2011 Bowman Chrome, Bryce Harper. That was my first pack of cards. There was this kid, a hyped up prospect from Las Vegas. My mom took me to Target, and there were these little red packs, my mom let me buy one and I pulled a Bryce Harper Chrome! I was really hooked on the hobby.

Then I started going to sports card/gaming shops. My introduction to the hobby, the hobby shops were complaining a lot, it was post recession, so it was hard for people. Then Panini took over and it was super new and everyone was confused. Upper Deck did the farewell Michael Jordan products, which something similar will probably happen in the coming years. But my introduction was cheap, very cheap.”

What are you doing in the hobby now?

“I’m going to card shows, events, community trade nights, and being a part of our hobby. Being an ambassador and cheerleader for the hobby.”

What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone joining the hobby now?

“Find a personal collection. Find a player, a team, that means something to you and actually collect it and enjoy it. Because PC is the most important part of the hobby, if you don’t have a PC, you aren’t going to love the hobby.”

What is your favorite connection you’ve made through the hobby?

“The youth, the kids, and the community. Seeing myself in the kids, at tradenights, at shows, at shops. Being able to educate and hearing that I inspire them. Those are the most important people in my life in the hobby.”

Now Moslehi shares a different connection that sports cards has brought him. Joe Drelich, from East Coast Sports Marketing.

Who is someone you’d like to highlight in the community?

“Joe from East Coast Sports Marketing. He’s going to take over the National. I want to give him a shout out because I think he is going to change the entire sports card industry with his ideas.”

How’d you meet Joe?

“I met him at a Chicago show, and I was filming. He came up to me and said “Do you want to go film with Austin Ekeler?” I said I would love to! Going back and forth, he said he was working on making the hobby better and he went on to do that. I think he’s really passionate and I relate a lot to him.”

Why do you want to highlight them and why do you enjoy what they are currently doing?

“I want to highlight him because I think he is going to change the hobby, and the new wave of the hobby. I think he’s a true hobbyist. He’s older than me but I think he has that “true collector” in him. That’s what we need in the hobby. A guy like him can transcend the hobby and the National to where it needs to be. Sky is the limit.”

Next week, we’ll follow the “Collector’s Chain” with Joe Drelich, and see how his journey to being a hobbyist and new head of the National, got started.


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