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**Zion Cases Launches Exclusive Partnership with Slab Museum**

Zion Cases, a leading provider of high-quality trading card cases, is thrilled to announce the launch of an exclusive partnership with Slab Museum. Slab Museum makes a line of display and storage cases for graded cards.

In a continuing effort to grow through quality products Zion Cases Owner, Clint Anderson stated “This partnership adds an elite product line to our portfolio of products for discerning collectors. The Slab Museum is uniquely positioned to grow a display and storage combination product that will become the standard for quality cards.”

Slab Museum Owner and Inventor, Steve Sousa, says of the cases “Slab Museum is the first display storage case for graded cards. Made with 96% UV protection and extra clear acrylic, providing a museum quality display. Heavy Strength magnets secure the lid to the base for access whenever necessary.”

Danny Black, Partner with Slab Museum, commented that “This partnership allows Slab Museum to have a first class company like Zion Cases take it to the next level. We are excited to introduce new products and to keep the Slab Museum community strong with this partnership.”

Zion Cases is continuously developing new products that provide each individual card collector exactly what they need to protect their cards. Whether it be for trade nights, card shows or traveling by air to different events; Zion Cases is determined to be the leading supplier for all card storage options in the card collecting industry.

At Zion Cases we are also focused on remaining true and respectful to the industry. We want each customer experience to be great and we work really hard to make that happen! We are just normal-everyday people who want to bring excitement to the card collecting industry by providing a great product. Please always feel welcome to reach out to us if you have any questions at:

To explore’s collection of premium products, please visit


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