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Collecting a Player’s Team Run

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Let’s face it. No matter who your favorite players are–current or past–there’s probably little hope of collecting all their cards. Using one of my favorite players, Hank Aaron, as an example, Trading Card Database currently lists more than 6000 different cards. And never mind that several of them cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars!

The result is that player collectors are left with three options:

  • Set a goal of collecting them all, even if you’ll never accomplish it.

  • Continue to add cards of your favorite player absent any goal or specific aim.

  • Devise a goal that is both fun and attainable

Player Team Run: A Fun and Attainable Goal for Player Collectors

In this article I’ll focus on the third one. Specifically, I’ll look at what the “player team run.” Simply put, this means collecting at least one card of your favorite players on each of their teams..

Returning to the example of Hank Aaron, there are a few ways to do this. The simplest approach is to focus solely on his two major league teams: the Braves and the Brewers.

collecting player's team run

Milwaukee Braves and Atlanta Braves: Two Teams Worth Collecting

Alternatively, you could spice up the pursuit by regarding the Milwaukee Braves and Atlanta Braves as different teams worthy of collecting.

collecting player's team run

Cross the Finish Line with Advanced Customization

Or you could really go wild by adding the Negro Leagues, the minor leagues, and even Puerto Rican winter ball! Here, you will nearly always want to dip into “customs” to cross the finish line. This approach is definitely my first choice.

collecting player's team run

Clayton Kershaw: Team Run Chase

Clayton Kershaw is another player whose team run I’m chasing, as long as it doesn’t someday include the Texas Rangers! Here, cards of Kersh as a high schooler, an Olympian, and a National League All-Star add to his more standard mix of minor and major league teams.

collecting player's team run

Carl Hubbell's King Carl team run includes items from his time with the Detroit Tigers and the New York Giants

Though Carl Hubbell played his entire major league career with the New York Giants, King Carl team run includes a custom from his 1926 spring training with the Detroit Tigers and a Renata Galasso card showing him in his 1933 National League All-Star team uniform.

collecting player's team run

Dwight Gooden’s Team Run

Finally here is my Dwight Gooden team run, which even includes a couple Little League teams. Sadly, there is no cardboard (yet!) commemorating Doc’s 2000 campaign with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

collecting player's team run

Why Player Team Runs Are the Perfect Way to Celebrate a Player's Career

From my perspective, the player team run is the perfect way to celebrate a player’s entire career without the need to “collect them all” or break the bank on cards well beyond your budget. If you already have a nice player team run started, I’d love to see it! Share it online, and tag Hobby News Daily. Bonus points if it includes a team the player never even played for!

collecting player's team run


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